5 Things to Know About DAXXIFY™

5 Things to Know About DAXXIFY

Curious about what you should know before choosing DAXXIFY? Our Rockland, Maine-based team knows that patients are curious about how this new injectable treatment works and what makes it different from traditional neuromodulators.

DAXXIFY is the newest neuromodulator to be approved by the FDA, and although it is very similar to other wrinkle-relaxing injectables, there are some major differences. Continue reading to learn five things you should know about DAXXIFY.

  1. DAXXIFY Can Provide Longer-Lasting Results

The effects of other types of neuromodulators used to soften wrinkles will typically wear off after three to four months, at which point you will need to come back for maintenance injections if you want to preserve your more youthful look. DAXXIFY has a duration of roughly six on average—and has been known to last nine months—meaning fewer trips to the office will be needed.

  1. DAXXIFY Works the Same Way as BOTOX®

Just like BOTOX®, DAXXIFY contains botulinum toxin as its main active ingredient. It blocks the nerve signals that trigger muscle contractions in order to soften moderate to severe expression lines.

  1. DAXXIFY Is Formulated Differently

Part of the reason why DAXXIFY has a longer duration of effectiveness is because of how it is created. This is the only injectable made with peptide exchange technology instead of the human serum albumin, which is what BOTOX® and other injectables contain. The peptide technology improves the interaction of the treatment.

  1. DAXXIFY Is a Good Choice for Those Seeking Vegan Beauty Products

Unlike the other botulinum toxin wrinkle injections, DAXXIFY does not contain any human or animal byproducts.

  1. DAXXIFY May Not Be Ideal for First-Time Injectable Users

If you’ve never tried any injectables before, you might want to start with another option, such as BOTOX®, to see how your body responds and whether you like the results before committing to DAXXIFY. DAXXIFY lasts for twice as long, and there’s no way of undoing the results if you aren’t satisfied. If you’re happy with the current injectable you’re using, there’s no need to switch, but if you would like a longer-lasting treatment, you might want to consider DAXXIFY.

Want to find out more about what you should know before having DAXXIFY injections? Our Rockland-based Skin Klinic & Day Spa team can tell you more about what to expect from this treatment. Call us today at (207) 594-7003 or submit a contact form to request an appointment if you’d like to learn more about how this injectable works.