Can BOTOX® Prevent Future Wrinkles?

Wondering what is the best anti-wrinkle injection? Our Rockland-based team of skincare specialists in Maine often recommends BOTOX® because it’s an effective treatment for reducing moderate to severe wrinkles. Even though it might seem as if facial lines happen suddenly, wrinkles develop gradually over time—and you may not even realize it’s happening!

The problem starts when your skin begins to lose the important molecules it needs to remain volumized and smooth, such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. To make things worse, facial skin is continuously being pulled and squeezed as it moves with muscle contractions in the face during facial expressions or other movements (think sneezes, yawns, and more). Each time we so much as smile, squint, frown, raise our eyebrows, chew, or purse our lips, specific muscles pull on the skin. As this happens, wrinkles such as crow’s feet (tiny lines that branch from the corners of the eyes), frown lines, and forehead lines begin to deepen. These lines can make you appear angry, unfriendly, or upset even if you aren’t.

By relaxing or softening certain muscles, anti-wrinkle injections prevent the contractions that cause the skin to wrinkle.

Aside from softening existing wrinkles, many patients don’t realize that wrinkle relaxers can also prevent lines from worsening—or even block future wrinkles from forming. When BOTOX® is injected into skin while wrinkles are still in their early stages, it prevents the lines from deepening by relaxing the muscles and limiting activity. Additionally, if you start having injections when you’re younger, you may have fewer wrinkles to treat when you get older compared to patients who begin using BOTOX® later in life.

Preventative BOTOX® may be ideal for younger patients with very expressive faces who are starting to notice wrinkles. These injections “train” the muscles so that you become more consciously aware of your facial activity and can avoid making exaggerated expressions in the future. If you continue to use wrinkle relaxers, you could need smaller amounts of them for maintenance over time as your facial muscles won’t be as strong.

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