Belotero: For an All Natural Look

As we age, most of us start seeing more and more fine lines and wrinkles.

Many women turn to the class of aesthetic medicine known as injectables to slow the aging process. There are many different injectables. One that we often recommend is Belotero, which is effective for dealing with fine lines around the eyes, lips, and anywhere else on your face. It is used often to plump up the folds of lips to make them appear fuller and younger.

Safe and Natural

Belotero is made with hyaluronic acid gel, which works like a sponge when it is injected, soaking up water from your skin and plumping it up to reduce wrinkles and lines. It also encourages your body to create more collagen, which in time can reduce the visible results of aging on its own.

In spite of its scary-sounding name, hyaluronic acid is a sugar that occurs naturally in our skin. You would not be injecting a dangerous chemical into your body when you use this filler. Belotero is the lightest type of filler available, making it a great option for those who are hesitant to use Botox.

How It Is Different

Compared to the many fillers available, Belotero has still more advantages. It requires no downtime: you can have an injection and go directly to work, the gym, or on a date. It starts working immediately, offering some of the quickest results of any filler. Because it encourages collagen production, it can help reduce wrinkles in the future. This means that you may not need follow-up injections as often as with other fillers, so it may save you money. The only side-effects that you may experience are a bit of redness at the injection site and possibly a bit of swelling and bruising that is mild enough to be concealed with makeup.

If you are just starting to see signs of aging and want to reduce them, Belotero could be the perfect option. Call Skin Klinic in Rockland, Maine, today for more information or to book an appointment: 207-594-7003.