Summer-Ready Legs: Laser Hair Removal

Bikini season is approaching, which means it’s time to do something about those hairy legs. If you don’t want to spend your summer shaving, plucking and waxing, perhaps it’s time to consider a more permanent hair removal solution like laser treatment.

Benefits of Laser Leg and Body Hair Removal

Every year, thousands of women in the U.S. undergo hair removal treatments using innovative laser systems like the Palomar Icon Laser. The Icon and other such devices work by exposing hair follicles to a high-intensity light, which safely bypasses the skin and kills  the follicles to prevent future growth. Multiple treatments are usually necessary to achieve long lasting results, and periodic touch-ups may be required.

Preparing for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

For best results, limit sun exposure and avoid plucking, waxing, or electrolysis two weeks before your appointment. Your hair removal technician will trim the treatment area as close to the skin as possible before beginning the procedure, and you will be given protective gear to shield your eyes from the laser. The Nurse will then apply a cool gel that protects your skin, while allowing the laser to do its job. After checking to ensure that there are no negative skin reactions, the procedure takes less than a minute to treat small surface areas, such as the upper lip, and up to an hour for larger areas like the legs or back.

Immediately after treatment, you may feel some discomfort on your skin, but this goes away fairly quickly. An ice pack, cold compress or anti-inflammatory cream can help ease any pain. You’ll then schedule your follow-up appointment in four weeks. A minimum of 5 treatments is required, usually about a month apart.

Laser Removal Risks

Laser body hair treatment is completely safe, however your skin may look and feel sunburned the day after your procedure. Blistering is very extremely rare, but it is more common on patients with darker skin. You should be able to wear makeup the following day if your face underwent treatment. Rarer side effects include swelling and short-term skin discoloration, which can be prevented by wearing sunscreen.

Planning for Smooth Summer Legs

Because laser hair removal is a medical procedure, it should only be performed by trained professionals. Carefully research the credentials of any spa you choose for treatment. At the Skin Klinic, our experienced Nurses use the Palomar Icon Laser system for permanent hair removal. Call us for a hair removal consultation, and start planning for a summer free of hairy legs.

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