Makeup Lessons

Have you ever wondered how to achieve the perfect smoky eye? Do you know how to transition your makeup from day to night? Do you know which colors are best for your skin tone? Do you know how to properly hold a makeup brush for optimum application? If you answered no to one or more of these questions, you may want to consider getting a makeup lesson.

Learning which colors best complement your skin tone is the first lesson in makeup 101. At Skin Klinic & Day Spa we will take 60 minutes to give you a personalized makeup lesson. You’ll leave understanding colors, how they work together, and how to make them work for you. We will teach you how certain colors can help you conceal blemishes and flaws, change the shape of your face and make your best features stand out.

Having the right tools is as important as using the right makeup. You will learn how to properly hold a makeup brush; which brush is used for different applications; and how to best apply makeup for your individual features. We offer Jane Iredale makeup, which is made with the highest quality minerals and ingredients. Using high quality products ensures that you achieve the best coverage and performance from your makeup.

Last but not least, have some fun learning makeup techniques you’ve always wanted to master, such as perfecting the right smoky eye for your personal look. We can show you which products transition best for day and evening looks so that you can get the most bang for your buck. We can also have little fun going over the latest makeup trends so that you will have a fresh new look for the upcoming season.

You will also receive a 10% discount on all makeup products you purchase during your makeup lesson so that you can immediately use the tips and techniques that you’ve learned.

Makeup not only changes your appearance, it can also change the way you feel about yourself. When you have the right makeup for your outfit or you’re sporting the latest look of the season, you’ll feel confident about your appearance. You can even learn how to use different products for a natural look that highlights your best features and looks almost as if you’re not wearing makeup at all. Understanding which colors work best for you and how to manipulate them makes all the difference.