Helping the Girls of Maine

Help us make Maine an even better place to live by supporting one of our favorite non-profit organizations.

The Skin Klinic & Day Spa recently began helping Mainely Girls, which is based in Midcoast Maine and was started in 1996. This special non-profit organization works with rural communities to assist them in focusing on girls’ needs in a positive, preventative, and proactive manner. It also works on the state level to bring about positive change for girls.

Mainley Girls’ focus has been to administer numerous programs across the state to make good things happen for girls. It addresses issues of girls in rural areas by helping communities identify the specific needs of girls and young women. Once these needs are assessed, programs are formed to improve the environment in which the girls will grow to maturity. They also focus on the needs of those who work with and for girls through publications, conferences, research consulting, support groups and annual activities.

Moved by the striking and deplorable increase in child pornography, Mainely Girls is inviting you to join with them to purchase a Mobile Forensic Lab for the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit.

The inadequacy of the 2008, used, retro-fitted van is hindering the unit in its ability to discover and arrest those involved in the burgeoning crime of producing, selling, and buying child pornography on the Internet.

Mainely Girls is currently raising $100,000 for this crimes unit van to assist the Computer Crimes Unit. This multi-jurisdictional police entity is designed primarily to assist other law enforcement agencies with the investigation and prosecution of computer crimes. Learn more about their efforts by visiting

To learn more about the Mainely Girls fundraising efforts, please visit

Feeling moved to help with their efforts? Please DONATE what you can. It will be greatly appreciated.