Botox vs. Dermal Fillers: How to Choose What’s Best

As you fight the aging process, the battle can be seen most clearly in your face. The lines, fine wrinkles, hollows, and loss of volume can’t be ignored. Fortunately, you have non-surgical alternatives that can help you to restore your youthful look. Botox and other dermal fillers are popular options. Take a look at both to choose what is best for you.

The Facts About Botox 

Botox is an injectable substance made from a purified form of the bacterium onabotulinumtoxin A; a neuromodulator.  When Botox is injected into the skin on your face, it temporarily relaxes the underlying muscles. As a result, the skin relaxes and the appearance of wrinkles is softened.

Botox tends to last anywhere from three to six months. With repeated treatments, wrinkles often become less noticeable as the muscles adopt new patterns. Treatments are provided on an outpatient basis. Side effects are generally minimal and can include slight bruising, swelling, and irritation. Botox is not recommended for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, has a skin condition, or suffers from severe allergic reactions. Speak to a professional about any underlying health conditions that could put you at risk.

Dermal Fillers Explained 

Dermal fillers are another form of injectable cosmetic treatment. There are many options, including Juvederm®,  Perlane, Radiesse, Belotero and Voluma. While Botox relaxes the muscles in your face, dermal fillers actually fill in trouble spots where you have lines or loss of volume.

Dermal fillers are often used to address loss of volume in cheeks, lips or to fill moderate-to-severe lines and nasolabial folds. Many dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, an added benefit as this is a substance that occurs naturally in the body.  These fillers tend to last about six months to two years. Eventually, they are absorbed into the body and repeat treatments will be necessary.

Thanks to dermal fillers, the skin will appear to be fuller and firmer. Dermal fillers are provided on an outpatient basis. They cause minimal discomfort and side effects. Slight swelling, bruising, and tenderness may occur after treatment for a short period of time. Dermal fillers are not recommended for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, has severe allergies, has a bleeding disorder, or anyone with a skin condition. Speak to your health professional to find out if you might have any complications with dermal fillers before beginning treatment.

Choosing the Right Injectable for You 

In the end, your provider will help you choose the treatment that is right for your unique needs.

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