Have you drunk enough water today?

Did you know that water can help with fatigue, hunger, dry skin and trouble with concentrating? Water is the primary chemical component that the body uses and it makes up nearly 60% of your body weight. Your body looses water every day through simple tasks such as breathing and perspiration. How much water is enough? It varies with each person. On average, you should drink 8 or more glasses of water a day. Although this depends on your health, how active you are and where you live. Typically, your urine will tell you if you need more water or if you are hydrated. The clearer the better!


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Skin Klinic & Day Spa introduces Stemology, the first and only skincare line utilizing both plant and human adult stem cell technology

Skin Klinic & Day Spa, a medical aesthetics practice featuring skilled estheticians, massage therapists and registered nurses, specializing in high-end spa treatments and unsurpassed pampering in an elegantly upscale atmosphere, announces Stemology®, the world’s first and only skincare brand to incorporate the superior features of both human adult stem cell and plant stem cells, along with a stem cell communicator that greatly enhances the benefit of stem cell “signaling” growth factors is now available in their location This “best of” approach maximizes Stemology’s ability to help prevent and improve the number one cause of skin aging – the declining production of epidermal, collagen and elastin cells, which results in dull, thin and wrinkled skin.


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The Benefits of Massage


Massage Blog

Experience the many benefits of massage in our lovely massage room. Complete with a beautiful fireplace, paintings and a wonderful massage bed, it is the perfect place to enjoy your relaxing massage.

A massage feels great, but also has some important health benefits:

Improves Skin – The use of oils, creams, gels and lotions on the skin delivers beneficial ingredients to the skin’s surface during a massage. Increased circulation as a result of physically manipulating the body stimulates the wound-healing response in the skin, providing a healthy glow to any complexion.

Lowers Blood Pressure – For many people living with hypertension, massage is a great treatment option. In addition to lowered stress, people with hypertension often experience decreased muscle tension, a lower heart rate, and lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure rates after a massage.

Strengthens the Immune System – The lymphatic system is responsible for supporting the body’s immune system. Lymph flows throughout the body’s lymphatic system, removing waste from the body’s lymph nodes. By stimulating the lymph nodes, massage assists the body in flushing out toxins.

The Skin Klinic offers Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, and couples massage to all of its customers.

So that you may fully relax and enjoy your service, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your service to complete necessary paper work before your treatment.  Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed a full-length service.  However, a full service charge will be applied.



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