When you pay a visit to the spa, a facial should be at the top of your list. Not only will a facial make you feel better, it will rejuvenate your skin. Treat yourself to an experience that will help restore a healthy glow and suppleness to your skin. Your face is exposed to the elements, ultraviolet rays, and the chemicals that are applied day after day when you wear make-up. A facial gives your skin what it needs to look its best.

When you put yourself in the talented hands of the professionals at Skin Klinic & Day Spa, you will experience complete relaxation. Soothing products are applied to your skin and you have the opportunity to be pampered for a little while.

Facials Promote Skin Wellness

According to the Associated Skin Care Professionals, facials will help you maintain balance in your skin. You will be able to achieve the proper moisture content and reduce the levels of oil that can make your skin look unhealthy or glossy.

There is no fountain of youth, and facials can’t replace the need for a healthy diet and exercise. However, you can see a difference in your skin with monthly facials. With a deep cleansing, massage, and treatment mask, you can see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your skin. When facials are accompanied by LED light therapy, collagen production actually increases. The end result is a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as your skin regains elasticity. Firmer, fuller skin looks younger.

If you are plagued by acne, you will do anything to find a solution. With a facial that is designed to combat acne, you can clear up outbreaks and treat your skin in order to keep future acne attacks from happening. With regular treatment, you can have healthy, acne-free skin.

Facials Protect You from the Elements

When you have a facial, you will benefit from the serum that is applied, as well as a sunscreen to make sure your skin is protected from the environment. To prolong the effects of your facial, you should wear a sunscreen on a daily basis. UV rays are one of the most dangerous things that affect your skin. They can cause signs of premature aging and skin cancer. Between your efforts and regular facials treatments, you will have healthier skin.

Opt for a facial, and your skin will get everything it needs. You’ll clear away dead skin to reveal the next layer of healthy skin. Get a cleansing that truly penetrates the skin and top it off with a moisturizer to give your face the full treatment.

Skin Klinic is a one-of-a-kind Medical Spa that marries the best high-tech treatments with the service, commitment and attention to detail of a non-medical day spa.  We help you achieve the most attractive, healthy skin possible.

Our spa is nestled just one block from the ocean and Main Street in downtown Rockland. The spa is housed in a renovated Victorian house, complete with original marble sinks and Tiffany stained-glass windows. The house has a fascinating history. Originally built as a stagecoach stop, it became a part of the Underground Railroad. To visit is like stepping back in time to a slower pace and complete relaxation.