The Benefits of Massage


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Experience the many benefits of massage in our lovely massage room. Complete with a beautiful fireplace, paintings and a wonderful massage bed, it is the perfect place to enjoy your relaxing massage.

A massage feels great, but also has some important health benefits:

Improves Skin – The use of oils, creams, gels and lotions on the skin delivers beneficial ingredients to the skin’s surface during a massage. Increased circulation as a result of physically manipulating the body stimulates the wound-healing response in the skin, providing a healthy glow to any complexion.

Lowers Blood Pressure – For many people living with hypertension, massage is a great treatment option. In addition to lowered stress, people with hypertension often experience decreased muscle tension, a lower heart rate, and lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure rates after a massage.

Strengthens the Immune System – The lymphatic system is responsible for supporting the body’s immune system. Lymph flows throughout the body’s lymphatic system, removing waste from the body’s lymph nodes. By stimulating the lymph nodes, massage assists the body in flushing out toxins.

The Skin Klinic offers Swedish, deep tissue, sports, prenatal, and couples massage to all of its customers.

So that you may fully relax and enjoy your service, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your service to complete necessary paper work before your treatment.  Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed a full-length service.  However, a full service charge will be applied.



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